Monaco Systems Announces Complete Color Management Bundle with MonacoPROOF and X-Rite’s Digital Swatchbook

Monaco Systems, Inc., a leading developer of color technologies and software solutions, today announced a complete color management solution for graphics professionals, which includes MonacoPROOF color management software and X-Rite’s Digital Swatchbook spectrophotometer.

The powerful color matching technology of MonacoPROOF combined with the award-winning functionality of X-Rite’s Digital Swatchbook, provides graphics professionals with a comprehensive color management solution that ensures accurate and consistent color from all of their input, display and output devices. The complete package is available for $2299.

“Graphics professionals require hardware devices for exact color measurements and color management software to communicate and interpret this data to ensure color fidelity from all of their devices,” said Dan Johansen, Business Development Manager at Monaco Systems, Inc. “By providing a complete solution at an affordable price, users can quickly implement a color management system that consistently delivers the color they expect from design through print.”

The X-Rite Digital Swatchbook is an easy to use hand-held spectrophotometer. The device enables users to quickly and precisely measure color data including 31-point spectral information, colorimetric values and density data. The exact color information is immediately calculated and sent to MonacoPROOF.

Using collected color data, MonacoPROOF allows users to easily create profiles for all input, display and output devices, thereby consistently communicating accurate color from design through prepress to final output.

X-Rite Digital Swatchbook
For simple, functional color measurements in conjunction with desktop computers, the Digital Swatchbook is accurate, and harnesses the power of Macintosh and Windows computers to utilize measured spectrophotometer readings. The Digital Swatchbook is one of the most widely supported color measurement products amongst X-Rite’s calibration software and color management software partners.

MonacoPROOF is an advanced profiling solution that provides professional-level color control throughout the digital imaging workflow. MonacoPROOF builds custom ICC (ColorSync and ICM) profiles for accurate color from scanners, digital cameras, monitors, printers, color copiers and proofers. Featuring an intuitive, wizard-like interface that guides users through the profiling process, MonacoPROOF enables monitors to display images accurately (soft proofing), permits digital proofing through device simulation and provides powerful output controls including linearization and relinearization, ink limiting, profile editing, target selection of up to 914 color patches, and rotating 3D gamut.

Pricing and Availability
The color management bundle, including MonacoPROOF for Macintosh and Windows users and the X-Rite Digital Swatchbook spectrophotometer will be available from August 2000 through December 2000 for an estimated street price of $2299. To order, or for additional information, contact Pilot Marketing at 1-800-91-PILOT or contact Monaco Systems, Inc. at 978.749.9944.

MonacoPROOF is compatible with Macintosh OS 8.1 and later, Windows 95, 98 and 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 and later.

About Monaco Systems, Inc.
Monaco Systems, Inc., develops, publishes, markets and distributes integrated technologies and software solutions for color critical digital environments. Monaco solutions allow graphics professionals to consistently achieve accurate color throughout the digital imaging workflow. OEM customers include Xerox, Polaroid, Gerber, and many others.

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