Ipswitch Announces WS_FTP Pro 6.5; With Faster, Easier Internet File Transfers, Browser Integration and a Queuing Utility

Ipswitch, Inc., a leading supplier of Internet productivity software for Windows platforms, today announced the release of WS_FTP Pro 6.5, the newest version of its award-winning file transfer protocol (FTP) software product. Building upon WS_FTP Pro 6.0’s superior functionality, version 6.5 enables users to transfer files more easily over the Internet with its browser integration capability. Also, with version 6.5’s redesigned connection dialog and menu system, new and long-time WS_FTP users will find their connection experience to be simpler and access to advanced features quicker.

Ipswitch has also announced the launch of FTPplanet.com (www.ftpplanet.com), an online community resource that promotes FTP use among existing users and educates new users through tutorials, discussion groups, a weekly newsletter and links to FTP resources.

“Users will notice the benefits of using WS_FTP Pro 6.5 right away with its browser integration and improved user interface that make a simple, yet powerful product even easier to use,” said Ipswitch President Roger C. Greene“With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the many new applications, server load is a growing concern for corporations. WS_FTP Pro 6.5 can ease the burden on e-mail servers, for example, and makes transferring files a smooth, pain-free experience. It’s an essential tool for any corporate or home user downloading or uploading files over the Internet.”

Powerful new features accelerate download experience and automate routine tasks

With WS_FTP Pro 6.5 integrated directly into the browser, users can take advantage of WS_FTP Pro’s reliability, power and speed. This makes downloading files from the Internet easier by providing direct access through a browser link or any FTP URL.

In addition, WS_FTP Pro 6.5’s new queuing utility helps users to better manage uploads and downloads since users can schedule file updates for a specific time or on a regular basis. For example, if there is a large CAD file that a user knows will take a long time to transfer, he can schedule it during his lunch hour.

“Using WS_FTP Pro from Ipswitch, we can give our customers the most convenient, secure delivery of printing jobs by datastream,” said Steve Mattingly of Vivid Impact Corp., a Kentucky-based national commercial printer. “We see increasingly high market expectations for the convenience and time savings FTP offers, and Ipswitch’s WS_FTP Pro is keeping us ahead of the competitive curve.”

Enhanced user interface simplifies the FTP process
Improvements to WS_FTP Pro 6.5’s connection dialog have simplified the site login process. This happens in several ways, including a listing of the most recent sites visited under the file menu. Also, with version 6.5’s new connection dialog, users do not have to open multiple dialog boxes to access information such as account information, passwords, firewalls and local folders. Everything is easily accessible. Users will also be happy to hear that three powerful FTP tools — FTP Synch, FTP Script and FTP Find — that previously were offered as a bonus utility pack are now part of the main user interface in WS_FTP Pro 6.5.

“Electronic communications is playing an increasingly mission-critical role for small-to-medium businesses. Though e-mail and EDI have positive attraction, there are performance, single point-of-failure risk, and set-up time constraints that conflict with business dependence upon information technology,” said Doug Lynn, Vice President of META Group’s Executive Directions. “When speed is critical to establishing new electronic business relationships, small-to-mid sized enterprises will leverage alternatives like FTP technology to flexibly satisfy business demands while controlling cost, infrastructure impact, and business risk.”

New FTPplanet.com community site benefits both new and power users
FTPplanet.com is the result of Ipswitch’s continued efforts to promote FTP protocol and all of its uses. Visitors to FTPplanet.com can learn more about the technology in a variety of formats including tutorials, discussion groups for a free exchange of ideas, a weekly newsletter and links to other FTP resources. It is designed for new Internet users, Webmasters, game fanatics, MP3 listeners and those who participate in on-line auctions.

“As the leading FTP software developer, Ipswitch recognizes that FTP has moved beyond the technical community to include everyday Internet users who are always looking for new and innovative ways to get the most out of their Internet experience,” commented Greene. “Creating FTPplanet.com recognizes that fact. The goal is for the site to enhance the Internet experience for both new and advanced users.”

WS_FTP Pro price and availability
WS_FTP Pro 6.5 is available for a U.S. list price of $45, or $39.95 on-line by visiting Ipswitch’s Web site at www.ipswitch.com. Current WS_FTP Pro users can upgrade to version 6.5 for $9.95.

FTP is the swift, bandwidth-efficient protocol for transferring files over the Internet or corporate intranets. It adds no overhead for encoding and decoding data–unlike e-mail programs in which graphics or files must be attached–and enables users to upload and download in a quick, reliable and secure fashion. It also enables Webmasters to upload HTML pages to Web servers, move data across platforms (for example from UNIX to Windows), eliminates the need to attach files and allows users to download/upload large files such as CAD drawings or graphics.

About Ipswitch
Ipswitch develops Windows-based software products for the Internet and corporate intranets. Its product family includes WS_FTP Pro, the world’s most popular FTP client; WS_FTP Server, the first industrial-strength, full-featured FTP server for Windows NT; WhatsUp Gold, a leading network mapping, monitoring and notification tool which is also integrated with Cisco Systems’ CiscoWorks Windows 5.0, forming an easy-to-use network management solution; IMail Server, an Internet messaging server for small to medium-size companies and ISPs; and NT-based Ping ProPack, a utility suite for the Internet and intranets – all designed for today’s mission-critical business communications. Ipswitch products set new standards for functionality, performance, reliability and interoperability, while providing the foundation for corporate internetworking solutions, and are available directly from Ipswitch and through distributors, resellers and OEMs. Founded in 1991, Ipswitch recently was named one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine, and was named to the Deloitte & Touche “Fast 500,” a ranking of the 500 fastest growing U.S.

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