Microtek Extends Product Line With 1200 DPI ScanMaker 4700 and ScanMaker X12USL Scanning Solutions

Microtek, a pioneer in scanning technologies and leader in graphic imaging solutions, today introduced the newest members of its ScanMaker product family — the ScanMaker 4700 and the ScanMaker X12USL.

Targeted at the corporate user and graphic arts professional, these high-resolution scanners provide 2400 x 1200 dpi optical resolution and full in-and-out 42-bit color through hardware.

These features expand the scanner’s functionality, giving users the ability to capture intricate images or enlarge slides while maintaining detail and realizing more vivid color.

Both high-performance scanners feature USB connections for PC and for Macintosh G3/G4 systems. In addition, the ScanMaker X12USL comes equipped with a SCSI-2 connection for high-speed throughput.

“By offering 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution, 42-bit color and both SCSI 2 and USB interfaces, Microtek’s ScanMaker 4700 and ScanMaker X12USL are giving professionals ideal versatility in a scanner,” said Janet Kauffman, research analyst at InfoTrends Research Group. “These options are what makes Microtek a leader in the professional scanner market.”

ScanMaker 4700 Hardware Features
With five convenient push buttons, the ScanMaker 4700 offers users Scan, Copy, Email, Setup and Cancel functions. Fully customizable through the Set-up button, users can easily choose their default Email application, printer, image editing and web publishing software for ready-to-go imaging.

“When we designed the ScanMaker 4700, we packed in all of the features that the corporate or power user could want in an affordable imaging solution,” said Michael Papet, Microtek Product Specialist. “Ideal for the web page designer, office user, or graphics professional, this 42-bit color, 2400 x 1200 dpi scanner offers USB plug-and-play scanning and uncompromising quality. The slick design with five smart buttons allows for intuitive scanning control and ease-of-use. Users also have a built-in upgrade path and best-choice options including a migration between Windows and Mac; imaging controls, photo and slide scanning; and high quality resolution and bit depth — all for just $279.99.”

Additional hardware features include:
— On-the-fly image compression which allows users to scan and save large files faster than ever and choose from three levels of compression
— Microtek’s LightLid 35 transparency adapter for scanning 35mm slides and filmstrips
— True 42-bit color, internal and external
— A 10,200-element linear array CCD for 2400 x 1200 dpi single pass, high-resolution scanning
— 8.5″ x 11.7″ scan area
— Zero Reflection Design Technology which dramatically improves scanned images by eliminating reflection artifacts

ScanMaker X12USL Hardware Features
The ScanMaker X12USL is a legal-size, 42-bit, 2400 x 1200 dpi color scanner for professionals requiring either the flexibility of USB or the speed of SCSI. The dual ports on the ScanMaker X12USL give corporate users and graphics professionals the convenience of working on multiple platforms, systems and laptops with ease.

The ScanMaker X12USL also features a solid alloy carriage and chassis, which improves the scanner’s alignment of the light source and optical elements, assuring high-quality scans and more accurate color registration. With wide-diameter transport shafts measuring 10mm, Microtek’s ScanMaker X12USL provides the motion stability required for sharp scans and precise color registration in images.

Additional hardware features include:
— True 42-bit color, internal and external
— A 10,200-element linear array CCD for 2400 x 1200 dpi single pass, high-resolution scanning
— A built-in 110/240V universal power supply for international adaptability
— Energy Star compliant to extend the life and quality of the scanner’s lamp
— SCSI and USB cables

Powerful Software
Offering More than a “bells and whistles” enhancement, ScanWizard 5 is Microtek’s next generation TWAIN compliant-scanning software. ScanWizard 5 launches at the press of the ScanMaker X12USL’s “GO” button. It features a simple and straightforward control panel for scanner users of every skill level.

Designed specifically for Microtek scanners, ScanWizard 5 applies advanced artificial intelligence techniques to automatically determine the size of a photo or document, adjust color, brightness and contrast for optimum results. Even when working in another application, ScanWizard 5 immediately puts the user face-to-face with numerous software applications through virtual buttons on the automatic control panel.

ScanWizard 5 is a powerful, versatile scan management tool that turns this high-resolution scanner into a multi-function powerhouse. With a friendly, easy-to-use interface and built-in access to scan, OCR, fax and copy, ScanWizard 5 helps the user process all scanned images at the click of a button. Whether looking to fax an image or text, convert scanned documents into digital text via OCR, or simply make copies using a desktop printer — ScanWizard 5 will save both time and effort.

While the automatic mode is appropriate for most applications, advanced users may override the automatic settings for precise individual control over every aspect of the scanning process.

Automatic features of ScanWizard 5 include:
— A “Follow-me” tutorial to direct novice users step-by-step through an actual scanning session
— Automatic transfer of scanned images to printer, e-mail, web browser or image editing software
— Auto-preview and edge detection
— Support for all popular image file formats including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, PNG, PSD and more
— User-customizable color schemes and layout options for right- or left-handed preferences

Advanced Features of ScanWizard 5 include:
Image Control
— Real-time preview feature for image transformations and corrections
— Advanced Image Correction (AIC) tools for enhancing scanned images — Dropper tool to select white and black points for gamma correction
— An onscreen densitometer to display RGB values at selected points
— Filters tool to apply blur, unsharp masking, emboss, Gaussian blur or edge enhancement

Output Control
— Batch scanning for automatic scanning and saving of multiple images for professional productivity
— Ability to magnify
— Resolution control
— Input/output dimension control, allowing for adjustments of scaling of final output

The ScanMaker 4700 and the ScanMaker X12USL also include a comprehensive third-party software offering for image editing, document management and OCR capabilities. The ScanMaker 4700 offers two award-winning image editing applications, Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Ulead PhotoImpact for Windows and Macintosh, while the ScanMaker X12USL offers Adobe Photoshop LE 5.0. For Web publishing on a PC, both the ScanMaker 4700 and the ScanMaker X12USL bundle TrellixWeb Web publishing software. Whether for a small business or home office, a user can easily create a Web site in six easy steps without knowing HTML. The two scanners also offer ScanSoft’s OmniPage Optical Character Recognition software for dual platform use and ScanSoft’s PageKeeper Standard for document management using Windows.

Price & Availability
With a manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $349, the ScanMaker X12USL is now shipping through Microtek’s extensive distribution channel, including Ingram Micro, Merisel, Tech Data. The ScanMaker 4700 has a Suggested Retail Price of $279 and will be shipping the first week of June 2000.

About Microtek
Microtek is a global leader in designing and manufacturing affordable desktop digital imaging products that help improve communications and efficiency. Known for its first-to-market scanning technology, Microtek continues to provide a wide range of desktop imaging solutions to users ranging from the mass market, to high-end professional desktop publishers, printers and pre-press service providers. Most recently, Microtek redefined the scanner category with the development of the first affordable, stand-alone scanning appliance, which operates totally independent of a computer. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Redondo Beach, California, Microtek Lab, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of Microtek International, Inc. based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The company has a strong global presence with major operations and distribution channels in 53 countries around the world. Microtek can be found on the Web at http://www.microtekusa.com.

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